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SS Portrait

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SS Portrait Empty SS Portrait

Post  Sebastian.V Tue Nov 11, 2008 11:38 pm

SS portrait :

Hack, Franz, , as SS-Ostubaf, Kdr SS-PzGrRgt 10 "Wiking"
SS Portrait 521fw21

Franke, Kurt, as SS-Ostuf, Chef 11./SS-PzGrRgt 6 "Theodor Eicke",
3.SS-PzDiv "Totenkopf"
SS Portrait 5xouipu

Hansen, Max, as SS-Ostubaf, RgtKdr SS-PzGrRgt 1 “LSSAH”
SS Portrait 5xxe16o

Hinz, Bruno, as SS-Ostuf, Chef 1./SS-PzGrRgt 38 “Goetz von Berlihingen”
SS Portrait 4ygqy6f

Holzer, Friedrich, as SS-Hastuf, KpChef II./SS-PzGrRgt 4 "Der Fuhrer”
SS Portrait 6g9v4th

Juchem, Hans, as SS-Hastuf, BtlKdr III./SS-PzGrRgt 9 “Germania”
SS Portrait 4pl2a9k

Kaempfe, Helmut, as SS-Stubaf, BtlKdr III./SS-PzGrRgt 4 “Der Fuhrer”
SS Portrait 54l1qi8

Kaiser, Vinzenz (“Zenz”), as SS-Hastuf, BtlFhr III./SS-PzGrRgt 4 “Der Fuhrer”
SS Portrait 66y81tg

Knittel, Gustav, as SS-Stubaf, Kdr SS-PzAufklAbt 1 "LSSAH"
SS Portrait 5yldpvc

Lainer, Josef, as SS-Hascha, Zugfhr 3./SS-PzGrRgt 4 "Der Fuhrer"
SS Portrait 4oqg8dd

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SS Portrait Empty Re: SS Portrait

Post  carlos1 Wed Nov 12, 2008 1:28 am

Weery nice portraits Very Happy

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