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Post  Sebastian.V Thu Jul 24, 2008 11:13 pm

Hello My Collector Friends,

thanks for your Registration,

this is a New Forum about the German Elite Army in WW II ONLY

Please Respect the rules : No Nazi Apologie or Racism, and please respect the other members, No Vulgarity,and Personal informations about a other Members.

[g]Rules of Conduct.

1. Use Common Sense & Courtesies when posting.

2. Respect all others that contribute to this forum.

3. Post only relevant pictures as to the discussion (i.e., the Calgary Barfing Girl is not relevant). Nudity or other unacceptable photographs will be removed and replaced with MODERATOR CENSORED PICTURE NOT ACCEPTABLE FOR UNDERAGED VIEWERS TO VIEW.

4. Please use Internet Courtesies when posting. Posts entirely in CAP's should be considered yelling, and is advised against. Posts with only selective WORDs in CAP's should be considered as a point is trying to be made, and is acceptable when presenting yourself.

5. When posting please use the language that is predominately used in the forum. As we don't want to have any miss-interpretations due to a language barrier. Vulgarity and Foul Language will not be tolerated, and will be the ONLY censorship applied and will be treated per this example: FOUL WORD(S) will be exchanged with MODERATOR CENSORED FOUL LANGUAGE.

6. We will be giving all a wide berth for all to post civilly here, however if a view, opinion or derogatory comment is being presented, please quote from where the public "evidence" to support your post may be found within the public domain (i.e., Publicly printed materials, http addresses, screen shots etc.). If one cannot ... this does invite the "HEARSAY WARNING" to be added to each of the offenders postings that has not followed the forum rules. So WE would remind all, if one is going to exchange views use reference for all to read.

7. We would politely ask if one is going to make derogatory comments concerning another Militaria Forum here, We would ask that one follows the RULE 6. Like in a court of law without substantiated proof anything entered into evidence will be considered HEARSAY. We ask this in respect for other forums, as we do not want to get into "PISSING MATCHES" with other forums

8. We would also ask that use of Proper Sign-on name (i.e. Darth Vader, Black Knight etc) or Proper Given names (i.e., Bill, John, Dave etc.) be used in postings or discussion. We would not like any miss-interpretation to occur.

9. Political Anti-Semitic or Racist views will not be tolerated and will be the only form of complete CENSORSHIP. These posts will be kept in a private non-public file for documentation for any law authories use or reference. The CENSORSHIP described will adhear to this publically viewable forum. Should our forum become private by invitation, age verification, or annual dues be required to view, CENSORSHIP rules may change at that time.

10. Any Photographic OR Language CENSORSHIP is being done as a courtesy for PUBLIC DECENCY. The CENSORSHIP described will adhear to this publically viewable forum. Should our forum become private by invitation or annual dues be required to view, CENSORSHIP rules may change at that time.


12. Have fun and LEARN something!

freedom and friendship !Forum Rules Thumb

I wait your Nice Threads !
Sebastian and the Forum Moderators Staff

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